Thursday, March 24, 2022

DAF YOMI Yevamos 17a


                THE AMUKAH PRANK

The  Amukah Segulah is a prank invented in the last 50 years.
There is no source in any ספר or a קבלה from any reliable source.

This Segulah was invented by a prankster. It caught on like wildfire
because desperate people believe and do desperate things.

The prankster combined two Rashis next to each other as if it read
כל פסולין שאין מוצאין אשה פונין והולכין שם והיא עמוקה
"All Pesulin who can't find a woman turn & go there.
(Where?) That is Amukah" (Prankster's Pshat)

The Gemoro (Yevamos 17a) says, why is it (a certain hill) called הרפניא? Because of all the פסולין (Mamzeirim etc.)  turn towards (go to) this hill הר- פניא to find a spouse. (& having illegitimate children)

רבא said "This hill is (not a hill but a pit) deeper (עמוקה) than שאול (Gihenom) From Gihenom one can be redeemed whereas a Mamzer remains that way forever. 

עמוקה is not referring to the town Amukah but the word "deeper".



Instead of Amukah festivals, perhaps we should practice
the 2 most Authentic Segulos

1) Daven at home or in local Shul (no need for    
    Amukah- 40 Rabbonim - 40 days etc.)

2)  a) Talk - Redt Shidduchim.

     b) Talk & explain to all your friends etc. why if we don't
       do anything about narrowing the age gap we will
       end up ח"ו  with 20% of our sisters & daughters 



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