Monday, July 11, 2022

The Canadian Eagle

60 years ago the daily Yiddish Newspaper in Montreal was called
“Der Keneder Adler” (The Canadian Eagle)
Rabbi Greenglasz zt”l a Lubavitcher Chasid wrote a weekly column based on the Lubavitcher Rebbes Sichos.
 It was either Parshas Balak or Parshas Matos (These two 

Parshiyos start with Pasuk Bais), and the question he posed, 

was ,” Why is Pasuk Alef in the previous Parsha and the new 

Parsha (Balak or Matos) starts with Pasuk Bais, the new 

Parsha should have started with Pasuk Alef. He wrote a 

lengthy shtikel Torah to answer his question.

My father A”H wrote to Rabbi Greenglasz, informing him that the Kapitlach ( Chapters)and numbering the Pesukim in Tanach, was done by Christians and it’s highly unlikely, the Goy had in mind his shtikel Torah when he started a new chapter with the last Pasuk of the previous Parsha.
Over the years, I have searched for this shtikel in tens of volumes of Likutei Sichos.  I haven't  found it.

There are three possibilities :

 a) It wasn’t the Rebbes Torah, but his own. 

 b)  After my fathers letter, they realized,  better not to print           this Sicha.

 c) I didn't do a proper search.

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