Monday, July 11, 2022

Gedolim Mistakes


                 The Maharal's Mistake

The מהר"ל- דרך חיים פ"ה : י"ט points out & explains the differences between אברהם אבינו going to the עקידה and בלעם going to bentch the Yidden.

One of the differences is by אברהם it says ושני נעריו עמו and by בלעם
it says ושני נעריו אתו.

The מהר"ל explained that עמו is less of a connection than אתו.
אברהם was less connected to the שני נעריו than בלעם.

The problem with this Toireh is that it's not true, but the 
opposite is true. By אברהם it says אתו & by בלעם it says עמו.

The Kotzker said it was done intentionally מן השמים to
teach us that even a איש אלוקים like the גאון the מהר"ל can 
also, make mistakes because he is a בשר ודם.




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