Monday, December 5, 2016

רבי רבי רבי איך וויל זיך מקשר זיין צו דיר

רבי רבי רבי איך וויל זיך מקשר זיין צו דיר

The lyrics to this song are based on the Tefillah 
of the Breslover Chasidim who say before
every Tefillah.
הריני מקשר את עצמי עם ר' נחמן בן פיגא*

The Steipler zt"l said they don't really
mean it when saying it, otherwise according
to the Nefesh Hachayim it would be considered
Avodah Zarah Mamash.

*shortened version


  1. So would the Steipler endorse the song? I don't think so.

    The singer Yehuda Green, who is behind the song, is from a Breslov background, by the way.

  2. There is more background information on the song at


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