Thursday, March 24, 2022

The only מופת of R. Chaim Zt"l

 The only מופת of R. Chaim Kanievski זצ"ל

Harav Hagaon R. Nosson Schulman זצ"ל Rosh Yeshivas
Slabodka & תלמיד מובהק of the חזון איש said:

"The גדלות (greatness) of the חזון איש was not
the מופתים he performed but his Torah, the ספרים he
wrote, and his leadership of כלל ישראל.

By repeating  מופתים of the חזון איש you are minimizing
his גדלות because that's not what the חזון איש was.

Only for those צדיקים who are unknown for their exceptional Torah knowledge is there a need to speak of the מופתים they perform.

Their מופתים prove that they belong to the group of צדיקים
who are גוזר, והקב"ה מקיים."

I humbly believe if R Nosson were to be alive today he
would say the same on R Chaim Kanievski זצ"ל
The only מופת of R. Chaim was his learning &
ידיעת כל התורה כולה all the other מופתים are unimportant

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