Thursday, July 15, 2021

Did you know? (223)


Did you know? (223)


The מהרי"ל writes,
"When leaving home to travel out of town, one should
place his hand on the מזוזה and say בשמך טל אטלה *
"With your name טל I will/should travel." 
טל is the same Gematria as כוזו which is one of the שמות 
of Hashem. כוזו are the letters after the 'ידוד) שם הוי)
The back of the Parsha (מזוזה) has inscribed the
words כוזו במוכסז כוזו which are the letters
after 'ה' אלהינו ה.

*The phrase comes from קליר's Piyut on טל  the first day
Pesach. The translation there is slightly different.
"With the shade of your name, I should be covered".

I would like to thank the many contributors who provided
me with the מראה מקום of the מקורות for kissing the
(ציצית & מזוזה (
רמ"א  או"ח כ"ד - ברכי יוסף בשם אריז"ל



Years ago when I used to travel for business, my mother ע"ה gave me this print of Moritz Oppenheim's painting to remind me to kiss the מזוזה and give צדקה prior to all my travels. This print has been hanging next to the door for about 40 years.

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