Monday, July 19, 2021

MAzal Tov


                           מזל טוב
Saying "מזל טוב" to the בעלי שמחה  on T.B'av

is not considered שאילת שלום and is permitted
(שו"ת שלמת חיים R.YCh. Zonenfeld zt"l)

Hello, Goodbye, Good morning. Good Evening,

Sefer Leket Yosher (Talmid of Terumas Hadeshen)
quotes from the Terumas Hadeshen 
"The Issur* of שאילת שלום  is only when the 
word שלום is used. Saying Good Evening etc. 
is allowed**."

* Aveilus & Tisha B'av

** The T.H.  wouldn't
 personally rely on his 
own Heter.

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