Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Flying overseas?

                              Flying overseas?

The חיי אדם כלל ס"ט writes that the four* who were מחוייב to bring a קרבן תודה when the Bais Hamikdash was standing should not benefit now that it is destroyed.

It is therefore recommended for them to donate to לומדי תורה (Yeshiva, Kollel or a Talmid Chacham etc.) the equivalent value of a goat, sheep, calf or a cow. ($100, $235, $1450 $2150) depending on the amount one can afford.

Therefore, according to the חיי אדם, those who cross the ocean should donate every time they do so a minimum of $100 (price of a goat) up to $2150 (price of a cow)

The חיי אדם also composed a סדר אמירת קרבן תודה to be said.
He composed it after he & his family survived an explosion that collapsed his house. Every member in his family was injured yet they all survived. There were 31 others in the same courtyard who were killed by the explosion.

*1) יורדי הים
2) הולכי מדבריות
3) חולה ונתרפא
4) יצא מבית האסורים


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