Friday, April 14, 2023

Are Long Payos Permitted ???

Parshas Hashavua-vort for parshas shemini

ראשיכם אל תפרעו - ולא תמתו (ויקרא י':ו')                         

Mori V’rabi Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita, said:

 “A Kohen whose פיאות are longer than a few millimeters (more than 30 days growth)who enters the Bais Hamikdash  would be חייב מיתה. *.

פיאות are שערות הראש which require being cut once in 30 days”.

Kohen Gadol had to cut his hair once a week and a king every day.
Their פיאות must have been even shorter. 

*רמב"ם ביאת  המקדש א' הל' ח

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