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Parshas Beshalach -Change The Cholent Recipe

This coming Shabbos, you should change your cholent recipe.

How & Why ?

The Bach (O.Ch. 208) writes, all year round we eat (on Shabbos), cooked barley
On Shabbos Shirah, the Minhag is to. eat cooked wheat instead
 Poskim have a problem
with the Bracha Achrona, therefore, it should only be eaten 
during  the meal.”
The Sefer  עוללות אפרים  writes,  the Roshei Teivos of, בשלח
בשבת שירה לאכול חטה
The Sefer Nachal Kedumim writes

"The Manna looked liked wheat kernels


  1. He doesn't say barley is on Shabbos. He mentions the minhag to eat cooked whole wheat berries on Shabbos Shira, and says that one should make sure to eat them only within the meal, and similarly all year when one eats whole cooked barley or farro one should only eat it within a meal. He doesn't say it's a minhag davka to eat them, they are normal food items that are commonly eaten throughout the year, not necessarily on Shabbos.

    1. Did you notice the word Shabbos in brackets?

    2. In the Bach? No. In the blog post? Of course I noticed it, which is why I commented in the first place. The blogger misunderstood the Bach.

    3. The blogger put it in brackets because the Bach doesn't mention
      Shabbos. This Halacha is applicable all year long Shabbos & weekdays,
      however the Bach compares it with Shabbos Shira . It is very likely
      that his Minhag was all year to have barley except for Shabbos Shira
      where wheat was used instead

    4. It is not "very likely". There is nothing at all in the Bach to indicate that he ever had a minhag to eat barley or grünkern, let alone on what occasion. It is entirely the blogger's invention, and it is wrong to attribute it to the Bach. He merely mentions them as normal foods that one eats from time to time.

      This Bach is no different from the Baal Hatanya's recommendation that since there is a machlokes rishonim about the brocho for rice, a baal nefesh should only eat it within a meal. Does that mean that he had a minhag to eat rice ever, let alone on Shabbos?! For all we know he may never have eaten rice at all, or he may have eaten it all the time, but either way there's no indication of any minhag.

  2. Correction, "farro" should be "grünkern"


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