Thursday, April 4, 2024

דרש דרש משה

The Gemoro (Kidushin 30a) says that the middle (in words) of the Torah is at דרש דרש משה .

According to the computer, this statement seems to be incorrect*1.

My father A”H told me that in the Torah we have 81 times where the same word appears twice, next to each other *2. Forty of them appear before  דרש דרש משה and the other 40 appear after דרש דרש משה.

·         *1 On words we can’t answer אין אנו בקיאין בחסרות ויתרות  
·         *2 (example) אלה תולדת נח נח איש צדיק


  1. 1- where does the computer put the mid-point?
    2- have you ever counted the 81 times?

  2. Plagiarized right out of the tur Ha-Aruch

  3. "Plagiarized" ? I wrote that I heard it from my father. He might
    have told me he saw it in a Sefer but I don't remember because
    I was a child when he told it to me.

    BTW I checked the טור הארוך פ' שמיני and it's not there.


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