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שבור מלכא

לז"נ הרב מנחם בן הרב שמואל דונט זצ"ל
יום השנה כ"ד טבת                

Daf Hashavua
Bava Metzia 119a

                                           *שבור מלכא

King ארדשיר (r. 224–242) was  the founder of the Sasanian 
dynasty (Persian) He had a son שבור מלכא who succeeded him.

Sh'vor Malka's mother was  איפרא הורמז (mentioned numerous 
times in Shas)

ארדשיר together with his son שבור מלכא conquered Bavel 
from the Romans. There is a  town in Bavel named
 ארדשיר (Gittin 6a)

Until שבור מלכא became king  the Yidden suffered terribly
under the Persians.
They were big רשעים. Rav said "rather under a Nochri
(Romans) than under a Chabor. (Shabbos 11a).

Their priests are known in Chazal as the חברים
(The correct pronunciation is Chaborim - (Chabor)
with a Bais and not with a Vais [see איוב מ: ל])

They worshiped fire and wouldn't allow the lighting of 
Chanukah candles. (Shabbos 45a)

שבור מלכא ruled in the year 240-271. He was very
friendly to the Yidden. There was even peace and 
tolerance between the Chaborim & Yidden.

שבור מלכא was very interested in the Mitzvohs and 
Minhagim of the Yidden. He even followed some
of their Minhagim.
He was a very close friend with שמואל the אמורא. 
Shmuel was also his advisor.

 שבור מלכא never killed any Yidden 
except for once when he killed 12,000 Yidden. The 
Gemoro (Moed Katan 26a) says it was their own fault 
because they rebelled against him. 

Shmuel himself was referred by רבא as שבור מלכא
(Pesachim 54a) Rashi explains because the Halacha
is like Shmuel the same as the laws of שבור מלכא.

The סדר הדורות  writes the reason he picked this
name was because Shmuel was so close to שבור מלכא.

Now we can have a clearer understanding of
the last Rashi & Tosfos in Bava Metzia.

  the1st שבור מלכא*

סליקא לה מסכת בבא מציעא                

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