Thursday, January 19, 2017

צאינה וראינה

The Sefer צאינה וראינה authored by R. Yakov b Yitzchok 
Ashkenazi  - (1550-1624) was geared specifically for 
women who didn't understand Loshon Hakodesh.

It is a collection of beautiful Midrashim in Yiddish,
Until about 80 years ago the most popular Sefer 
(after Siddur & Tehillim)  that Yiddish-speaking women 
possessed, was the צאינה וראינה.

It was very common in those days for women to be illiterate
, They had a "Zogerrin". one who would read 
the צאינה וראינה   for groups of women.

There is a well-known Midrash quoted by many but is 
not to be found in any Midrash we have today. The first 
and only Mokor (source) for it is the צאינה וראינה

"Originally Bris Milah was performed with a sharpened stone as mentioned in the Parsha how Tziporah performed the Bris with a stone.

Because the metal helmet on Golias's head allowed the rock Dovid Hamelech threw to penetrate and hit Golias's forehead, therefore metal was rewarded and all Brisos from then on are performed  only with metal knives."

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