Friday, October 30, 2020

Rochel Imeinu

לז"נ הקדושיםהרב הגאון החסיד ר'
 מרדכי יהודה בן הרב שמואל דונאט ומשפחתו הי"ד
נרצחו בידי הנאצים הארורים ימ"ש 
י' מרחשון
In the past those who died during childbirth
were buried in a separate area in the Bais Hachayim.

The Shu”t Malkieil (2:132) writes the reason for it
is , "we find in the Gemoro (Shabbos 118b) R.Yosi said
on himself ,he wishes to die on the way to do a
Mitzvah. Women while giving birth is like on the way
to a Mitzvah. They are on a higher Madreiga than
the rest and need to be buried separately."

Perhaps, this will be an additional reason, Rochel was
buried separately, because she was at a different
Madreiga than the other Imahos by dying 
during childbirth     אמבצי) )

The reason a mother who gave birth is called a   חיה
Because it was very common to die during childbirth
and she survived ,she is called the live one.

Joke of the day:

In Loshon Chazal , a midwife is called a  חכמה  
The reason for it *
איזהו חכם הרואה את הנולד


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