Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Parshas Hashovua-Nitzavim -Part 1

The Chasam Sofer (Shu"t Y.D. 356) writes:

" Re the debate of how many Ikrim we have (13 Rambam or 3 Ri Elbo etc.) I don't see what difference it makes.

The Mekubalim claim there are no such things as Ikrim. Every dot in the Torah is an Ikar.--- 

It is impossible for me to believe that one of the fundamentals in Judaism is to believe in the Geulah (Mashiach).---

It is not an Ikar or foundation to build on.

The Ikar is to believe all that is written in the Torah or the Nevi'im. There it is written about the Geulah in Parshas Nitzavim* and Ha'azinu the way the Ramban explains.

Anyone disputing the Geulah is a Kofer."

                 "ועכ"פ הגאולה וביאת המשיח איננה עיקר אבל מי שאינו מודה בו כופר בעיקר של האמנת התורה ודברי 
נביאים"Ramban Devarim 30:2

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