Monday, September 15, 2014

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When would you have Misloach Manos, Kaparos and Tashlich, all in one day?

The original Minhag of Kaparos is a Teshuvas Hageonim brought down by Rashi (Shabbos 81b)
“ Twenty two days or fifteen days before Rosh Hashana they planted for every child in the house a  bean in a flower pot.  On Erev Rosh Hashana they swung the new plant over the head  of the child and said Zeh Chalifasi etc. (Kaparos)
Afterwards the plant was thrown into the river".(Tashlich)

The Pri Chadash writes that he personally sends Mishloach Manosto poor people onErev Rosh Hashana because the Navi says (Nechemya 8: 10 -12) 

לכו אכלו משמנים ושתו ממתקים ושלחו מנות לאין נכון                                                               
וילכו כל העם לאכול ולשתות ולשלח מנות                                       
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