Friday, May 23, 2014

Milking a cow on Shabbos, Why not?

Milking a cow on Shabbos,
Why not?

6 different reasons, probably no other מלאכה,  has
a six way מחלוקה to which אב מלאכה it belongs to.
1.      מפרק(דש)        Rashi, Shabbos 95a
2.             קוצר         Yerushalmi, Shabbos 7 :Hl. 2
3.            ממחק       Tosfos, Shabbos 73b
4.             בורר         Rashbo, Shabbos 144b
5.             טוחן         Yeraim, # 274
6.              גוזז          Tosfos Rosh, Shabbos 95a

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