Monday, May 26, 2014

Daf Shel Shabbos Kodesh Rosh Hshana 16b

R. Kruspedai  in the name of R. Yochanan  said, "Three Seforim
are opened on Rosh Hashana."
Tzadikim Gemurim are written and sealed to life immediately (on R.H)
Reshoim Gemorim are written and sealed to death immediately (on R.H.)
Beinonim are hanging in limbo until Yom Kippur and then written and
sealed on (Yom Kippur)

The Piyut said on R.H. & Y.K. “ בראש השנה יכתבון וביום צום כיפור יחתמון
On whom is this said?
Tzadikim & Reshoim have both the Kesivah & Chasima On R. H.
Binonim have both the Kesivah & Chasima on Y.K.

Who has the Kesivah on Rosh Hashana and the Chasima on Yom Kippur?

3 answers:
A) The Paytan argues with R. Kruspadoai and holds that
all have the Kesiva on Rosh Hashanah and the Chasima on Yom Kippur.

B) The Beinonim can have their Kesiva on day 1 or day
2 -3 -4 etc. until Yom Kippur (depending when
            he did Teshuva) Some Beinonim have the Kesiva on R.H.
            and others have it on Y.K. but all Beinonim
            have the Chasima on Y.K.  (Maharsha R.H.)

C) For Yechidim (individuals ) The Kesiva & Chasima
happens the same day (Tzadikim & Reshoim on R.H.
            and Beinonim on Y.K.)
            For the Tzibbur (Kehilla, City, Country etc.) If the Tzibbur
            is Beinoni, The Kesiva is on R.H. and the

            Chasima on Y.K. ( Shu"t Mahram Shik O.Ch. 300)

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