Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fools In The Dark

Daf Hashavua

Rosh Hashana 14b

The Gemoro says “If someone does both, the Chumros of Bais Shamai and also the Chumros of Bais Hillel, on him the Pasuk says,  
והכסיל בחשך הולך"

" And the fool in darkness he walks”.

My father a”h told me he heard from an Odom Gadol*, who asked:

Why did Chazal choose this Pasuk over all other Pasukim (for a Machmir like Beis Shamai and Beis Hillel.) 

He answered,* we find in Ms. Shabbos 18a,  according to Bais Shamai  who hold Shevisas Keilim is Deoreisa, then the only way to use a candelabrum on Shabbos, is, if he is Mafkir it, so that it doesn’t belong to him.

When he is Mafkir it he must exclude Goyim and Mechalellei Shabbos (otherwise they will take it for themselves)

This Hefker is valid only according to the Beis Shammai(Ms. Peiah 6 :1) who hold Hefker La’aniym ,Hefker. You may single out one group to whom you want to be Mafkir.

The Beis Hillel. argue, and hold it is only valid when you are Mafkir to everybody.

If you single out only to Aniyim it is not Hefker.

Therefore if someone will be Machmir like Beis Shamai  at Shevisas Keilim, he will need to be Mafkir the candelabrum and will also be Machmir like Beis Hillel. by Hefker, then  He has to be Mafkir to everybody. A Mechalell Shabbos or a Goy
will be able to take the candelabrum for themselves, and he will be walking around in his house in darkness.

*R. Yisroel Asher Karoly zt”l (R. in Frauen Kurchen)

*This is  only Al Pi Drush, and not Pshat. Rashi says the only time this applies is when the two Chumros or Kulos contradict each other. where they don't contradict each other, you may follow
two different Poskim, L'chumra or L'hokeil.

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