Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tu Bishvat Trivia

1) When is Rosh Hashana for the trees?

a) 1st   Tishrei-Shemitta & Neta Revai

b) 10th Tishrei-x

c) 1st   Shvat-Bais Shamai b'mokom Bais Hillel eino Mishna

d) 15th Shvat- Ma'asros & Orlah (Bais Hillel)

e) 16th Shvat-x

2) Which Minhag did the Sefardim take from the Ashkenazim?

Eating more fruits on Tu B'shvat is a Minhag Ashkenazim (Mogen Avraham  131 sk 16)

3) How many times is Rosh Hashana mentioned in Tanach ?

Rosh Hashana is mentioned only once in Tanach. (Yechezkal 40: 1)

and there it says on the 10th of the month (Tishrei)

4) When do we have Rosh Hashana on the 10th of Tishrei ?

On Yoval. Rosh Hashana is on the 10th of Tishrei ( Eirchin 12a, Rashi Yechezkal 40: 1)

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