Friday, January 10, 2014

Those Who Understand Will Understand

בתפים ובמחולות- "ענין תף ומחול הוא ההיפך מאקחה פת לחם    

והמבין יבין                                        (דרשות חת"ס ח"ב דף רסז ע"א)

Sof Umochol is the opposite of Pas Lechem.  Whoever understands
will understand. (Chasam Sofer)

Pshat In Chasam Sofer- Maybe?

It’s  possible, this to be the simple Pshat.
Pas Lechem (bread) is Gashmi
Sof Mochol (music) is Ruchni
Avrohom Avinu a zochor (male) took care of Gashmiyos.
Miriam Haneviah a nekeivah (female) took care of Ruchniyos.

(עולם הפוך אני רואה .)

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