Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dipping Challah In Salt Friday Night

I was once invited Friday night for a Shabbos meal. I noticed my host didn’t dip
the Challah in salt. I asked him why he doesn’t do what it says in Shulchan Aruch
to dip the bread in salt. His answer was, he conducts the way his father does.
His father’s Minhag is not to dip Challah in salt on Friday night.
I told him that he was wrong in this case to keep his father’s Minhag .

There are 3 main reasons for dipping bread in salt.
1) Kol korboncho takriv melach.
The table is like mizbeiach and the bread
is like a korbon that requires salt.
2) Bread has some harmful ingredients.
By adding salt to the bread the harmful
effects are removed.
3) While waiting for others to wash the soton
is mekatreg. The salt represents the Bris
Melach and protects from punishment.

On Friday night  the reasons are not applicable
1a) There was no burnimg of the chalovim
on the mizbeiach on Friday nights.

2a) The halacha says pas nekia doesn't require
salt. Only whole wheat needs salt to
counter the harmful effect.
3a) To get the  protection of the salt, it is enough
to place it on the table.There is no need to eat it.

The Chasam Sofer said, "On Friday night
we eat Challah which is Pas Nekia (clean bread) and being
there was no korban burnt, therefore there is no need
to dip the challah in salt.

This ruling won't apply on whole wheat bread. 

The hostess, where I ate, baked her own delicious
whole wheat Challahs.

The family minhag of not dipping in salt
is only on white flour, and not on whole wheat Challas .

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