Friday, March 15, 2013

This Weeks Daf-The Rebbe With Ruach hakodesh

The Gemoro says that in halachic matters we ignore the Bas Kol , Lo Bashomaym Hee. 

The Torah was given to earthlings to decide Halacha. 

 There was an Aguna , who Bais Din was matir to remarry. After her marriage she moved to a town where a famous great Rebbe lived. The Rebbe said, he can see(ruach hakodesh) this woman’s first husband is still alive, and she must leave her second husband. The Chasam Sofer was very angry and upset with this Rebbe. He wrote to the Rebbe ,that if he disagrees with the Psak Bais Din, then he should , go and bring his arguments in front of Bais Din. To come with Ruach Hakodesh and say the husband is alive he has no right, . Lo Bashomayim Hee.

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