Monday, March 4, 2013

How to be ma'avir sidrah this week-PART II

The arrangement of the Tenach into Kapitlach (chapters) was done by the Christian church
in the 12th century . There is no uniform system, where a new chapter starts or ends.

At the end of chapter Shmos 35 it says how Moshe spoke to the Bnei Yisroel
about Betzalel’s  Chachma that Hashem gave him, to do the Meleches Hamishkan.

A new chapter begins at Shmos 36 – 1 “ V’osoh Betzalel – kol meleches avodas hakodesh”.
Because a new chapter begins here, one of the gedolei  hameforshim, mistakenly translated
And  Betzalel made (past tense) – (vav hachibur)

The Targum Onkeles  was also changed  from V’yabeid (He shall do) to Vavad (He did).
The Ibn Ezrah (36 -1) and Rashi in Makos 12a both say , V’osoh is a command
( future)  And Betzalel shall make etc.  V’osoh is a continuation from the previous
chapter.(mehapech + chibur)

In the name of the M’hril Diskin it is said “When you are ma’avir sidrah you should say
in theTargum V’yabeid and not the way it is printed in the chumashim “ Vavad” ,otherwise
you won’t be  yotzei Shnayim Mikrah.

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