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An Anti Semite- Who was the Mechaber of the Kitzur Smag

R. Moishe  mi Kutzi  one of the Ba’alei Hatosfos, wrote the  Sefer Mitzvos Gadol
better known as the Smag. The sefer is divided in two parts , 1) asei  2 ) lo sasei. on all
 the taryag mitzvos.
 In  1763  a new sefer was printed by the name Kitzur Smag. The publisher,
Shimon ben Meir from Karlsruhe, Germany, claimed  in the hakdamah, that the
Kitzur Smag  was written by the Smag.(R.M.Kutzi) He also claimed ,he found this sefer after
it being lost for over 500 years.

 The Kitzur is very difficult to understand.  It is full of mistakes. In many places it has the first
 and last sentence from the original Smag and skips the middle so that it makes no sense at all.
There are many mitzvos where instead of shortening it,  he lengthens it with all the  details
of the mitzvah.
                          WHO WAS THE REAL MECHABER OF THE KITZUR SMAG ?

R. Elyiah Bachur*1  had a goyish student ,Sebastian Munster*2, whom he taught loshon hakodesh and Torah.*3
S. Munster eventually became a Lutheran Priest and a Hebrew professor in Basel, Switzerland
and Heidelberg.Germany.
He authored an Hebrew ,Aramaic, Latin dictionary. He also translated into Latin the Aruch , Sefer
Hshoroshim  (Radak) and other seforim.
He published missionary books in loshon hakodesh.  He was a rabid anti Semite   even though
his Rebbe was a yid (R. Elyahu Bachur) .

He wrote a sefer where he tries to show how irrational the Jewish religion is. He called it Mitzvos.Hatorah.
The kitzur Smag printed 200 years later by Shimon ben Meir is an exact copy word for word of this
sefer of the Rosho Sebestian Munster.

*1 He is considered the father of dikduk and mesorah, he was also the proof reader at the Bomberg Press.
*2   1488-1552
*3  against the advice of many gedolim in his time.

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