Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's a peleh


The Sefer Midrash Peliah (The Puzzling Midrash )  is a compilation of puzzling statements and riddles.
Contrary to popular belief, they  are not midroshei chazal .They  were invented by Darshonim
who made up  illogical statements and then solved them.

R. Ovadyah Yosef shlita (Yechave Da’as 5-3) quotes a Midrash Peliah and a solution
from R. Akiva Eiger zt”l

“Ein manichim tefilin ela bashabbos”  You don’t put on Tefilin only on Shabbos.
 The spelling of bashabbos   bais shin bais sof – Bamokom Sa’ar  Bamokom Tafuach
Rosh is placed where there is (was) hair . Yad is placed on part of arm where  the muscles are.

The Maharsha in mehadura basra ( Shabbos 88b) explains , the pasuk in Tehilim (119 -164) 
"Sheker soneisi va’asaeivoh , toiroscho ohovti". I have hated falsehood and abhorred it,
your torah I love.
Dovid Hamelech is referring to the Darshonim who fool the public with their lies. They
say  over midrashim shekorim (invented midrashim)  and then explain the midrash with
their lies. He only likes true Torah and not invented lies.

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