Friday, August 18, 2023

Parshas Hashavua שפטים

  Parshas Hashavua שפטים

ככל אשר יורוך

According to מורי ורבי הרה"ג ר' שלמה מילר שליט"א,
דעת תורה applies only to הלכה & תורה השקפה.
There we have a מצוה דאורייתא to listen to our 

All other subjects (eg: medical advice etc.) are not
considered דעת תורה and one is not obligated to
follow their advice.
It might be worthwhile to follow their advice as
an עצה טובה but one is not obligated to do so.

There are others who argue on מורי ורבי שליט"א 
and claim that a גדול who is a תלמיד חכם ויר"ש
and his mind is absorbed with only תורה, has a
special סיעתא דשמיא and all his opinions are 
considered דעת תורה.

My father ע"ה told me that in the late 30's in Europe,
there were some who were מחמיר on פקוח נפש and
didn't follow דעת תורה. They did so by leaving Europe
and finding refuge in America & Eretz Yisroel.

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