Friday, August 18, 2023

Waste Of Time


Unlike the Minhag of most Ashkenaz Yidden,the
Gaon's Minhag was not to say לדוד ה' אורי 
from R. Chodesh Ellul to Simchas Torah.
The אדרת writes the reason for the
Gaon was because of טירחא דציבורא.
Saying one extra Kapitel Tehillim takes 
up too much time of the ציבור.

Perhaps we can explain the Aderes /Gaon,
There is no mention in Bavli, Yerushalmi,
Rishonim, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Kisvei Arizal, etc. 
to say לדוד ה' אורי ( Ellul)
The מטה אפרים is the first Halacha Sefer to
mention this Minhag.

The first to mention to say it בציבור is
the Sefer Chemdas Hayomim* & the Sefer
Shem Tov Katan who are ספרי קבלה
The Gaon, in general, was against adding
additional Tefillos & Pesukim not originating from
the אנשי כנסת הגדולה
Wasting one minute of a רבים is multiplied
by the number of people in the Minyan
Adding a Kapitel Tehillim which takes
to say only one minute can at times
be considered taking 100 minutes.
(A Shul with 100 מתפללים)

This might explain why the Gaon
considered it טירחא דציבורא to add
לדוד ה' אורי

*controversial Sefer


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