Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thanks to Danielle & the Pope


ר' יהודאי גאון writes, "For more than one hundred
years both yeshivos (Pumbedusa & Sura) haven't
been learning 
מסכת נדרים"

אנן לא גרסינן נדרים ולא ידעינן לאסור
ולהתיר בה לא נדר ולא שבועה"

This might explain why we have no Rashi on Nedarim
 It will also explain why the entire
מהרש"א חידושי הלכות
has no Chidushim but only corrections in the Girsa.

When R. Yehoshua Shlomo and his son R Gershom Soncino, 
printed the first   
ש"ס  they printed only those Mesechtos the
Yeshivos were learning. Ms. Nedarim was not printed because
it was one of the Mesechtos not learned in the Yeshivos

Danielle Bomberg*( a Goy) who got permission from
Pope Leo X was the first one to print the entire
ש"ס  **
including Ms. Nedarim.

It was only after the printing of the Bomberg Shas, that Meseches Nedarim became part of Shas and Yeshivos
started learning it.  

If not for Bomberg the Goy & Pope Leo X, Ms. Nedarim might
not have been part of the Daf of today.

*born in Antwerp Belgium
** printed in Venice 1520 -23


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