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1) A pregnant mother doesn't eat at the Seder, additional
כזיתים of מצה or additional 4 כוסות of wine. yet, for כפרות,
she adds additional chickens for the fetus.

2) Why would an unborn child without sins need a כפרה?


We do Mitzvos and Minhagim, because
The Torah or Chazal commanded us to do so.

Some Mitzvos come along with their סגולה, 
(למען יאריכון ימיך) but the primary reason for doing it is not
for the סגולה but because we were commanded to do so.

The Minhag of כפרות is different. The sole purpose
to do it is for no other reason but for the סגולה to protect
the children* from dying.

Unborn children also need protection from death.
Therefore we do כפרות for children and the unborn.

The word כפרה translates to cleanse-wipe away- remove
Generally, the word כפרה refers to כפרת עוונות removing
the sins (forgive)

In our case, the word כפרות is not referring to forgiving
sins because there is no need for children & infants 
who don't sin to be forgiven.
 כפרות is referring to removing & abolishing death from
the children.

*The original Minhag of כפרות was solely for the protection
of the children. Eventually, adults also adopted the Minhag
See רש"י  שבת פ"א ע"ב



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