Friday, August 5, 2022

partying אי"ה this coming Sunday


        We hope to be partying אי"ה this coming Sunday

 In the very near future, we will be celebrating תשעה באב as a
Yom Tov- קרא עלי מועד, therefore we do not say תחנון on ת"ב

In a year when ת"ב falls on שבת, we don't say תחנון on Sunday
the 10th of אב 

(חתם סופר (תורת משח פ' דברים explains that the coming Yom Tov
of ת"ב won't necessarily be celebrated on the 9th of אב.
We will be celebrating on the fast day 9th or on Sunday the
10th of אב when the 9th falls on a שבת



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