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The secular Zionist have constantly been out to destroy Yiddishkeit. They wanted to eradicate the Torah and its followers. They keep trying to שמד ח"ו all of כלל ישראל and turn them ככל הגוים ר"ל.


והקב"ה מצילנו מידם                                                                

Hashem turned the tables on them. Instead of Zionist stopping us from learning Torah they became the largest financial supporters of Torah. They spend billions of Shekalim to build חדרים, ישיבות, כוללים, בית יעקב, סמינר etc.

They also spend billions to support the בני תורה who learn Torah.

Over the past two thousand years,(maybe even beyond)  there has never been so much Torah learning anywhere in the world as it is done now in Eretz Yisroel. There never was such a large ציבור of תלמידי חכמים, בני תורה, שומרי תורה ומצות

The secular Zionist try to make it difficult to remain a Torah observant Yid, yet they are the ones who are paying billions of Shekalim for Rabonim, Dayanim, Mashgichim, Shuls, & Mikvaos in every city & town in the country alleviating the financial burden of Torah observant Yidden. 

In every country in the world the גזירת שמד today is rampant. Intermarriage is between 70%-85% in every country except in the Zionist State where intermarriage is less than 2-3% (still too many) As much as the secular Zionist try to שמד Klal Yisroel, The  Ribono Shel Olam made sure their wishes won't happen. 

Despite the Zionist claim of כחי ועוצם ידי, etc. especially during the six-day war, the whole בעלי תשובה movement we know of today started during the war. For the past few thousand years

there have never been so many בעלי תשובה as we have today.

We could have had way more בעלי תשובה had we tried a little harder not to make the non-Frum have reason to hate us.


Russian Jewry which seemed to be totally lost in the sixties was part of the six day war miracle.

Instead of the Zionist converting the Frum into non-Frum the opposite is happening, the non-Frum become Frum.

Ben Yehudah, created the modern עברית so that the Frum Yidden will give up their old fashion religion and become a modern non-Frum society with its own modern language.

Today the most used language to learn Torah is עברית. In most Chadorim, Yeshivos, Kollelim & Bais Yakovs the Shiurim & Schmussen are given in עברית. Chavrusos in the Bais Midrash argue & shout at each other in the language that was supposed to keep them out of the Bais Midrash.

Yes, it's true it is not yet a perfect world out there, but when was the last time that it was.


Perhaps, we should be saying הלל not on Yom Haatzmaut but every single day of the year.

However, we are not allowed to do so כל הקורא הלל בכל יום ה"ז מחרף ומגדף but we should praise and thank Hashem every single day for turning the tables and instead of Torah ח"ו being eradicated it is flourishing despite the secular Zionist attempts. 

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