Wednesday, May 4, 2022

קברי צדיקים Festivals


לז"נ ר' ישעי' בן משה


Many believe that in order for Hashem to accept our תפילות
we need to fly to Hungary, Poland, Ukraine etc.

The place for our תפילות to be accepted were replaced from the
local Shul/Bais Hamidrash to קברי צדיקים in far off lands.

It is true that Davening at קברי צדיקים has its advantages. A יחיד
(individual) who ל"ע has a צרה and is in need of a ישועה, for such
a person it is appropriate & acceptable to also Daven at
a קבר of a צדיק.

However, organizing for the masses to have prayer/food/dance
& song festivities at the בית הקברות is probably the חדש אסור מן התורה
that the חתם סופר & other Gedolim would strongly oppose. 


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