Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Satmar Rebbe

                               Parshas Hashavua אחרי 

The Satmar Rebbe, R Yoilish Teitelbaum Zt"l was asked why he was so harsh and critical of כלל ישראל. Why couldn't he be like R Levi Yitzchok Berditchever, who always sided & defended even the רשעים of כלל ישראל?

The Rebbe answered: When the כהן גדול did the עבודה on יו"כ in the קדש קדשים, he wasn't allowed to wear בגדי זהב because אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור. Why is it then that when he came out to do the עבודה outside, he changed to בגדי זהב and there was no concern with אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור?

The answer is: Outside of the קדש קדשים where כלל ישראל can watch the כהן גדול, we are not concerned with אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור. On the contrary, we want to remind them to do תשובה for making the Golden calf. 

Only in the קדש קדשים, where there were only the כה"ג  & the רבונו של עולם, does he need to wear בגדי לבן, because אין קטיגור נעשה סניגור     

The Rebbe continued and said " When I have my back towards the ארון הקדש and face the עולם,  I speak like a קטיגור and am critical of all the wrong that is done.I demand from the עולם to better themselves & do תשובה.

However, when I turn around facing the ארון הקדש,  I become a 100% סניגור and I think of כלל ישראל as ועמך כולם צדיקים - there are no רשעים. I plead with the רבש"ע and cry out מי כעמך ישראל - there are no bad Yidden;אין קטיגור all are צדיקים."

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