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Biased Opinion On The Shlisel Chalah

Key Veshaim Kodshoi Votochnu

The Schlissel Challah Segulah is widely  spread amongst all the Bnos Yisroel.

The only source for this Minhag is supposedly from the Ohev Yisroel who claimed Schlissel Challah to be an old Minhag  B’Yisroel .

The Sefer Ohev Yisroel is a collection of Divrei Torah from R. Avrohom Yehoshua Heshil   zt”l, known as the Apte Rebbe.

*The Rebbes son R. Yitzchok Mier zt”l realized people were writing and saying over in the name of his father (Apter) things he never said. They were also quoting Toirehs from the Rebbe inaccurately. He decided to appoint a Talmid Chacham to write down all the authentic and reliable Divrei Torah from the Rebbe.
Every so often where they had questions or were not sure , they asked personally from the Rebbe.
In the year 1863 long after the Petira of the Rebbe and his son R. Yitzchok Mier, The grandson R. Meshulem Zusia zt”l finally printed the Sefer Ohev Yisroel.
He also added to the back of the Sefer, “Likutim”, Divrei Torah that wasn’t recorded in the Sefer Ohev Yisroel.  

There can be two reasons why it didn’t make it in the Sefer.

1.The son R. Y. M. and the Talmid Chacham were not aware of that particular Dvar Torah.

2.The Rebbe never said it. It was made up by one of the many  people who had claimed
“the Rebbe to have said it.” ( The original intention of the Sefer was,to quote only
reliable Torah of the Rebbe)
R. M.Z.  claimed to believe all the Toirehs to be of his grandfather (not exactly his fathers intention) and therefore added them to the back of the Sefer.
The only source for the Minhag of Schlissel Challah is the Likutim in the back of the Sefer Ohev Yisroel. 
*see the Hakdama

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  1. It is not minhag of Litvaks (non Chassidim).

    It is not Lubavitch minhag either. You can see how Lubavitchers reject the schlissel challah custom in comments at


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