Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Where Is The Cheesecake


What to bake for שבועות

(a) Seven-layer cake

(b) 3 cornered kreplach- Haman Taschen

(c) Saffron Matzah

(d) Saffron cake

(e) 4 cornered Challah

(f)  Honey cake

(g) Butter Challah 

I couldn't find a source for
baking cheesecake for שבועות

The Sefer יוסף אומץ ס' תתנ"ד writes the Minhag was to make a
cake/kugel in the shape of a (a) seven-rung ladder. The reason
for it is because, during  Matan Torah, Hashem tore open all
7 heavens to show that אין עוד מלבדו. 
The Minhag in many German Kehilos was to bake for שבועות 
a seven-layer cake for the seven weeks we counted.

The Sefer מנהגי ישורון writes of the Minhag to eat (b) 3 cornered
Kreplach (Haman Taschen) to commemmerate Matan Torah
דיהיב אוריאן תליתאי לעם תליתאי ע"י תליתאי ביום תליתאי בירחא תליתאי

The כל בו writes that "the מנהג בכל ישראל* is to eat on שבועות,
(c) Matzah with Saffron".The Chok Yaakov O. Ch.494 has a
(d) girsa “עוגה” (cake) instead of Matzah. The כל בו gives the reason
" because it is משמח את הלב (brings joy to the heart)."

The כל בו also writes to bake a (e) Challah with four corners
(looks like two)  to remind us of the שתי הלחם and/or it
symbolizes "twins" (מזל סיון תאומים) 

The רוקח writes that on Shavuos morning you bring the
children for the first time in Shul and serve them a specially
inscribed (f) honey cake.

The משנה ברורה quotes from the מגן אברהם to bake
(g) one Challah with butter. This will force you to have another
Challah (זכר לשתי הלחם) to eat with the meat.







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