Thursday, May 13, 2021

קוגל בגמטריה שבת




                   קוגל בגמטריה שבת

There is an old joke where a speaker got up and
said קוגל בגמטריה שבת. The listening audience
immediately interrupted him that it is not true.
The גמטריה of קוגל is 139 and the גמטריה of שבת
is 702 way more than 139.
The speaker answered back, that this is not a problem,
all you have to do is eat more Kugel until it adds up.

                           NO JOKE

The  הגהות ר' אברהם אזולאי on the לבוש (grandfather of the Chida)
writes, דבש- חלב- קמחא-דסמידא (foods eaten on Shavuos) is the
Gematria of 613 (תרי"ג )

R.A.A. continues that it is not exactly correct since the
Gematria is 614. His solution is, not to eat the whole
amount but leave over one so the Gematria will be correct.




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