Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Who in the hell?



 ------------הא בפושעי ישראל הא בפושעי עובדי כוכבים
דאמר ריש לקיש פושעי ישראל אין אור גיהנם שולטת בהן 

Ploni after 120 years comes up to the עולם האמת. 
The בית דין של מעלה reviews all his זכויות
and all his חובות. Unfortunately, the עבירות outweigh 
the מצוות ומעשים טובים.

Ploni is sentenced to גיהנם.  Ploni asks from
the אב הרחמים for a second chance. He doesn’t
want to go to

The רבש"ע gives him a second chance and sends
him down again to עולם הזה. The רבש"ע wants to
make sure 
that Ploni won't waste another lifetime 
coming back again with the חובות outweighing the מצות.
The second time around Hashem sends him down as a
poor man. עני חשוב כמת The dead cannot sin therefore
this time when he comes up his חובות won't outweigh
his זכויות and there will be no גיהנם for Ploni.

The same story happens to Almoni. He too gets a second
chance. Hashem sends him down as a wealthy man.
Almoni's personal זכויות are not enough to outweigh his
חובות but combined with the זכויות of all Almoni's beneficiaries
whom he supported during his lifetime tip the scales in his favour.

Berl is also in a similar situation. Hashem doesn't want him
to end up in גיהנם so Hashem makes him ר"ל sick.
While he is sick he can't do עבירות. All the pain and suffering
reduces his חובות and there is no גיהנם for Berl.

Hashem sends down Shmerl as a שוטה who is פטור מן המצות.
He too has no חובות and there is no גיהנם for Shmerl.

Hashem loves his children who are all מליאין מצות כרמון Hashem
will make sure their חובות will always be less than their זכויות
so no one ends up in גיהנם.

If so, why and for whom was גיהנם created?

גיהנם was created for the פושעי עובדי כוכבים,
the רשעים בני עשיו וישמעאל, the creators of  גיהנם in
this world  who slaughtered and burned the בני ישראל
for the past thousands of years. These  פושעים ורשעים
are fully entitled to enter and remain in גיהנם.


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