Friday, August 14, 2020

What's the difference?


Parshas Hashavua

כל אשר לו סנפיר וקשקשת תאכלו

The Gemoro (חולין ס"ו) says “Akunas, is a type
of fish that loses its scales when it is taken out
of the water. It is kosher because it was born with scales.
The ערוך writes that דייני ישראל need to
verify that it is indeed  the Akunas Fish, only then
may you eat it. 

The Gemoro (Chulin 63b) says that a hunter is
trustworthy to say that his Rebbe
told him that this particular bird is kosher.
The Gomoro says his Rebbe refers
to his hunting teacher. (not his Rov)

Why for identifying kosher birds we don’t need
a Rov and to identify kosher fish we do need a Rov?


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