Thursday, August 13, 2020

Powerful words


'עירובין ב

WORDS ALONE CAN CHANGE A סוכה פסולה INTO A סוכה כשירה
(2 examples)

A 2 walled סוכה built in a מבוי one may consider
the לחי  of the מבוי as a Mechitza  (3d wall) for theסוכה 
on Shabbos Sukkos

The reason is because of מיגו . Since it is considered
a Mechitza for Shabbos it is also considered  a Mechitza
for the סוכה.
This 2 walled סוכה is kosher only on Shabbos and
not in the weekdays.

Someone being מקבל שבת early and doing so by saying
מזמור שיר ליום השבת changes a non-kosher סוכה into
a kosher one.

O.Ch. 630 : 7


A סוכה, higher than 20 אמות is פסול.

If you place straw etc. on the floor of the סוכה and
thereby reducing the height, it is kosher, only if
you are מבטל בפה the straw to the floor. You must
verbalize & say, that you plan to keep the straw there

O. Ch. 633 – 4

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