Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We want Mashiach now Who wanted Mashiach then?


We want Mashiach now 
Who wanted Mashiach then?

The Sefer אוצר ישראל (printed 100 years ago) writes:

"The Sadigura Chasidim believe באמונה שלימה that their Rebbe is the צדיק הדור and is the future משיח. (If the redemption will be in his lifetime)

When drinking  לחיים, instead of wishing each other with wealth, health, and long life they wish each other
יהי רצון that our צדיק should reveal himself
בעגלא ובזמן קריב- במהרה בימינו



  1. The gemora, Sanhedrin 98b, proposes several names for Moshiach. The interesting thing I took away from that piece was that each Yehivah's students figured THEIR rav was the Moshiach. Similiarly, you believe it's the Sadigura Rebbe, based on what you were exposed to, and I, coming from a Chabad community, think it's the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe. The point is, though, that we all want the same thing, and strive to bring that revelation to manifestation. Kol Tuv! By the way, it's always interesting to note that in days that are significant to Chabad, recently amazing things have been occurring with Worldwide impact, suggesting that perhaps it is the Lubavitcher Rebbe whose navigating this universal ship to Geulah. Just the other day, the 20th of Av, the day of passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Schneerson's gravesite in Kazakstan, was commemorated by that country AND BY TRUMP as a place of national heritage, so considered by both countries. I have several posts I wrote on these days, if you search my blog site for "footprints" of Moshiach.

  2. In fact, my point, earlier, is said in the words of your text image, but you didn't highlight, namely, that
    וכל מפלגה ומפלגה מתפארת ברבה

    The Rambam, at the end of his Halachic compendium, lists the qualifications Moshiach must have to be able to identify him.

    Since we Jews still suffer from our exile condition, because we want Redemption now, we hope to find out very soon who he really is.


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