Monday, August 10, 2020

מסכתות ענ"י



התחלת מס' עירובן

The Zohar* writes on the Pasuk in "זכריה ט:ט  "עני ורוכב על החמור
The word "עני" is a (שם (סוד and stands for עירובין נדה יבמות
( Because of the lack in Torah, משיח is a עני riding a חמור 
instead of a king riding a horse)

R Yakov Emdin Zt"l in his ספר מטפחת סופרים writes, "This line (עני)
was said in jest on these three מסכתות because they are the
most difficult מסכתות in Shas." (learned poorly)
He has a hard time believing this  שם which is based
on a joke should be coming from the תנא רשב"י and for sure he
would not have heard it from (משה רבינו (רעיא מהימנא

פרשת כי תצא רע"ו ע"א*



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