Monday, June 1, 2020


*The Alexander Rebbe זצ"ל is quoted as having said there were two groups at the levaya of בועז, one saying to look at the lifetime of צדקות and even he was נכשל at the end.
The second group saying to note the Hashgacha that he was kept alive to a very ripe old age in order to marry רות and bring forth the progeny that would result in Dovid HaMelech and Moshiach.  Who was right?

Said the Rebbe, We cannot use the Hashgacha to interpret the Halacha, what we must do is use the Halacha to interpret the Hashgacha and as the Beis Din of שמואל decided "מואבי and not מואבית" then we understand that Hashgacha kept בועז alive to fulfill that Mitzvah and linkage to Moshiach.

שמעתי מהרב הגאון ר' נטע שיללר שליט"א ראש ישיבת אור שמח ירושלים*

Mori V'Rabi Harav Hagaon R. Shlomo Miller Shlita told us
once during Shiur,

"Someone asked him a שאלה and he answered him לקולא that it is מותר.

The שואל (questioner) wasn't satisfied with the answer. He felt to
be מחמיר (stringent) would be more appropriate. He tried to convince R.S.M. to change his mind and agree to be מחמיר

R.S.M. told him

 " (פלוני אלמוני (טוב because he wanted to be מחמיר

not to marry רות missed the opportunity of  becoming  the grandfather of Dovid Hamelech and מלך המשיח."

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