Monday, June 1, 2020

Corona weddings-Unbelievable Chizuk

Sitting today in the garden of my ידיד, R. Simcha
 Shlita I heard the בעל קריאה reading the
Megilas Rus.

When he read the Pasuk  ---ויקח עשרה אנשים מזקני העיר
a thought came to my mind.

Boaz got married with the minimum amount that is needed for a wedding, only 10 people.
Yet this marriage produced a maximum amount of benefit for Klal Yisroel.
Klal Yisroel benefited from this marriage with
מלכות  בית דוד בנין בית ראשון רבי (משנה) & משיח

יהי רצון that all the weddings that took place in the
past few months should also produce maximum benefits
for klal Yisroel and will bring רפואות וישועות כהרף עין

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