Monday, May 4, 2020

More Stories He Heard

Harav Yehuda Leib Horenstein zt"l 
Mechaber of שו"ת מהריל לא אבוש - טל ירושלים
heard  also this 2 stories

The first  and only מקור (source) of the Chai Rotel Segulah
is from the Sefer שו"ת מהריל לא אבוש - טל ירושלים*

He writes, that he met two people (in Meron) serving a lot of
 and asked them their reason for doing so.

One of them answered him that he was childless for 14 years. When he went to Meron on Lag Baomer he made a Neder in a loud voice " He will donate 18 Rotel Whiskey so
that Hashem should grant him a בן זכר that year." The people who surrounded him all answered אמן.

The רבש"ע granted him his wish and he had a בן זכר that year. Three years later he came back to Meron to cut the hair of the child and pay up his promise.

The second person also had a similar story 

In the קונטרס of R.Osher Zelig Margolis zt"l (Attached to the Sefer טעמי המנהגים) He quotes a letter the קדושת ציון זצ"ל  sent in the year תרע"ב  (almost 40 years after the Sefer
 טל ירושלם-שו"ת מהריל לא אבוש was printed) to his Chasid to be Mazkir the childless couple " and when Hashem will help them with a child, they will pay for 18 Rotel whiskey".


A child died on Lag Baomer in Meron. The mother threw the dead child on Rashbi's grave crying and complaining that this should not have happened since she came to Rashbi's Simcha.
The child had תחיית המתים and woke up from the dead.


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