Thursday, April 30, 2020

He Heard

Harav Yehuda Leib Horenstein zt"l 
Mechaber of שו"ת מהריל לא אבוש - טל ירושלים
heard  this story.

                    Women dancing for Rashbi's Simcha

Originally, on Lag Baomer, they had dancing for both men & women (separately)

Until a למדן came along and made the women stop dancing.
The women were upset with him for doing so.

This למדן fell asleep and Rashbi came to him in a dream and
told him "because you disturbed my Simcha by holding back
the women from dancing 
therefore at your  Simcha the same
will happen to you."
Shortly afterward, he married off his son who died at his own

Since Rashbi was so upset when they stopped
women from dancing at his Tzyoon, perhaps, we
should reintroduce it again and have women
dance there on Lag Baomer.


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