Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Message

What exactly do we need to do for the רבונו של עולם to bring a complete & sudden halt to the Pandemic?

Most of us still have room for improvement and will have no problem finding things in our daily lives that can
use improvement.

There is absolutely no need to look for the faults of others. Placing the blame of our problems on to others is
the exact opposite of what Hashem wants from us.

Adding more מצוות ומעשים טובים to our daily routine especially בין אדם לחבירו is highly recommended. Therefore we should
try to help others who are in need of our help.

Due to the current situation, there are many more בחורים who are back from ארץ ישראל than usual.
There are also many more than usual who probably won't be going back immediately after Pesach.

Perhaps, one of the greatest of the good deeds one can do is to help the בנות ישראל find their זיווג (match).
You don't need to be a professional Shadchan. Most Shiduchm are done by friends or family.
Even if you feel you are not cut out for becoming a Shadchan.
You can still get involved by just recommending the name of a potential זיווג and have a Shadchan take over.

In the זכות of us having רחמנות on the רבונו של עולם'ס children the בנות ישראל and their parents,so too will the  רבונו של עולם have  רחמנות on us and all of his children
ויסר ממנו פגעים וחלאים רעים וימלא חסרוננו וישלח לנו רפואות וישועות  בביאת גואל צדק במהרה בימינו 

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