Monday, March 16, 2020

Warning of R Akiva Eiger & his Bais Din

Warning of R Akiva Eiger & his Bais Din 

During the cholera epidemic in Posen, R. Akiva Eiger*
with his Bais Din instituted תקנות 17 to prevent the
epidemic from spreading.

The תקנות end with a stern warning** of not to
ignore even the slightest sign of not feeling well.

"Those who choose to ignore it, might not only be
responsible for taking their own life but might
also ח"ו be responsible for taking the life of

*There were three Gedolim named "R. Akiva Eiger"
 The first one was the משנת רע"א grandfather of the
2 other R.A.Eigers. He was Rav in Pressburg for only two
weeks and was נפטר.
R. Akiva Eiger of Halberstadt was a first cousin to the most
famous R.Akiva Eiger of Posen the שו"ת רע"א. His family name
was Ginz (mother was Eiger) 

** Perhaps we too should take it into consideration of not minimizing
the situation we are facing today. (Even if it sounds Frum to do so)


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