Monday, March 9, 2020

Everybody Knows

  The 10 things everybody (who reads this) knows.       

1) Only Megillas Esther is referred to as a Megillah
in Chazal (Bavli &Yerushalmi)
The other 4 are never referred to as a Megillah.

2) There is a Machlokes if banging at Haman,
is for children only (Maharil)
or for adults as well (Chacham Tzvi)

3) Minhag Lita (some others as well) is to bang only
where Haman and his father are mentioned.
(Haman ben Hamdasa)

4) According to Kabbalah, banging at  Haman should
only be done with the feet.

5) According to the Targum Sheini, The 50 Amos
pole, they hanged Haman on,  came from Noach's Teivah.

6) The name of the horse Mordechai rode on,
was שפרגז  (spare gas-super gas- safer gas)
(Targum Sheini)

7) The Tur quotes from one of the Gaonim to say תחנון on Purim.
8) According to the Megilas Taanis, one may not
fast on 13th of Adar (Taanis Esther)

9)The total words of Megilas Esther are an odd
number of words.
(מ"ב תר"צ ס"ק ט needs explanation) 

10) Haman & Esther are both mentioned in the
Megillah 55 times.

**Sefardim say it on Parshas Zachor

*** written 700 years ago and printed

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