Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Stolen Patach

                         פרשת זכור

When being מוציא the עולם with פרשת זכור many Ashkenazi
בעלי קריאה try to pronounce the letter ע like the Sefardim
(sound comes from deep inside the throat)

Some are unaware that the  ע of ויגע, since it has a פתח גנובה*
therefore even Sefardim pronounce it like an א and not like an  ע

*Words that end with a ה-ח or ע and there is a פתח under them
then the last syllable is not pronounced, instead we add ( pronounce) 
a  פתח א before the last letter. 

נח has a  פתח under the ח We don't  pronounce it NOCHA but 
the correct pronunciation is NOACH


  1. This is incorrect. Because even when the patach is moved to before the ayin the ayin is still sounded - as in Shema. But true it must be done little differently, like a non-vowelized ayin (as in Shma) not as a patach ayin. But certainly not like an alef as stated.

  2. With a פתח גנובה we remove the Patach from the last letter and add a Patach Alef before the last letter. We still pronounce the last letter as a שוא נח Hence it's NoACH & not Noah


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